Lusip Monster Fish


Most frequent questions and answers

The last Bass weighed in was in 2019.

  • Weekend fishing & boat permit to ESWADE for each participant
  • Fishing shirt & cap
  • Dinner at prize giving
  • E100.00 of each Entry fee will be donated towards the Eswatini Antivenom Foundation.

Yes, participation is open to all age groups, Seniors and Juniors. Juniors are defined as 5 -12-year-old, Seniors are defined as 13 years and older.

The Captains Meeting will be held to advise from where the boats will be launched and discuss all relevant details, and answers to any questions there might be. Wrist bands, Tiger Fish measuring Template, Fishing Gear of the Team/Crew Members will be handed out at The Captains Meeting. If for any reason The Captain of the Team or respective Team/Crew Members are not able to attend, please contact the Host, Robert Forbes on 00268 761 96392

Netting is NOT allowed; all other forms of fishing are permitted from live bait to lure or fly. You are permitted to fish from Land or Boat.

There is a launch point at the hosting Venu, Vakasha Lodge.
• Launching from where you are accommodated is allowed
• Weekend fishing & boat permits to ESWADE, for each participant is included in the registration fee. If you launch from the ESWADE launch point, let us know in advance & we will issue you with a copy of the Fishing & Boat permit.
• Boat Checks must be done at Vakasha Lodge, after launching

Yes, read the Rules, Terms And Conditions, Waiver And Indemnity for more information.